We’ve designed Treasure Hunt Edinburgh to be step-free around the whole route.

We asked a wheelchair user to do an honest, independent accessibility review in return for a free game.

The test was carried out on 14th March 2023 and below is the unedited review.

As requested, please find our review of your Edinburgh Treasure Hunt for wheelchair accessibility.

With regards to the clues and routes, we would really suggest that all alternative routes be made clear the reason (eg because of steps etc) as we went to go the standard route by the University before someone suggested going around because that way had steps (obviously not appropriate for wheelchair user or a buggy 🤣) or maybe change to ‘accessible route’ instead of ‘alternate route’

Asides from the obvious inclines and uneven surfaces such as the cobbled streets etc, the main first difficulty we came across was at St Giles Cathedral. The cobbles made it very challenging and uncomfortable to cross with the wheels getting regularly stuck, however we did notice a smoother path around the outside of that area which maybe could be suggested as an alternate accessible route.

Then on route to the University, crossing the road to West College Street, there wasn’t really a safe crossing place for wheelchair users with no drop kerb which then led onto the path up West College Street being quite steep but also uneven making it challenging to navigate around slightly. There’s also a dropped kerb on crossing outside the medical school but the kerb is not fully dropped which meant being slow on the busy road (again would just suggest a pre warning with clues)

Definitely recommend adding Alanda’s Ice cream as a stop! INSANE 🤤🤣

Greyfriars Kirkyard is obviously very cobbled with similar difficulties of the wheels getting stuck in the gaps quite regularly and on the way to next clue there’s no dropped kerb (maybe just needs mentioning in clues to pre warn)

Whilst in Greyfriars Kirkyard with the large gravestones, the paths are cracked which does make it difficult navigating but we would suggest advising the left hand side to go up and down rather than the right as it wasn’t as bad ☺️

Again when crossing the road to the grass market, the dropped kerb isn’t very dropped and therefore made it slower getting from road onto pavement.

The Fiddlers Arms was lovely and very glad we went in there. We hadn’t planned on getting food too but did in the end and it was AMAZING! 🤤

Note from Treasure Hunt Edinburgh:

The Fiddler’s Arms is the suggested half-way pub stop. It has level access and an accessible toilet.

The only last part we’d say was a struggle was second to last clue that takes you down the steep hill to look out over grass market (due to the other route being closed) We didn’t attempt with the wheelchair so only me and my sister walked down and found the clue - we then walked back up and went around to George IV bridge as it was just too steep and narrow for wheelchair access - we could have done it but being at the end of the hunt and the pure energy it would take we voided it 🤣

Otherwise we all thoroughly enjoyed our adventure with Treasure Hunt Edinburgh & look forward to doing another one in another one of your locations 🥰

We love that it can take 2hours to 6 if we wanted and that it’s all at our own pace. The clues were great and not too hard or too easy to decipher making it great for all involved.

Please let me know if you would like any photos we’ve taken as we took a few :)

Thank you for letting us try it out and hope some of the above helps in others future adventures 🥰

“...exploring the city this way was so much more fun for us than going on a group tour. It was such a great and memorable experience, I can't wait to go to more cities they offer treasure hunts in.”

—Rachel T, Google

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