Edinburgh Festival Fringe is on

Posted on August 1, 2024

Street entertainment at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh Festival Knife Thrower by Dale Harvey

Edinburgh Festival Fringe is taking place from 2nd – 26th August.

The streets will be jam-packed full of people and areas may be blocked off for private events.

Over the past two years, all clues for Treasure Hunt Edinburgh have been accessible. However, we can’t promise the same this year.

Should we hear that certain clues are impossible to answer, we’ll update this blog post.

If you play but you don’t have fun you can always use our normal “Fun or Your Money Back” guarantee.

“...exploring the city this way was so much more fun for us than going on a group tour. It was such a great and memorable experience, I can't wait to go to more cities they offer treasure hunts in.”

—Rachel T, Google


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